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Minimalist architecture focuses on the essential and the experience of form, light, space and material – along with a technique of unification. Creating spaces that take you on a true experience. As a minimalist I consider those characteristics to be of ‘essence’ in architecture and that’s what you will see more of here.

I’m a firm believer that fashion should be easy and effortless and that often comes with buying fewer/better pieces that last for multiple seasons. I like to encourage mindful consumption without restriction. I don’t believe minimalistic fashion is necessarily about owning just basics but also about knowing how to purchase and pair the pieces you already have in your closet.

A few years ago I became a mother and ever since then I’ve been constantly dissecting what the world offers our little ones in terms of fashion, entertainment and education. Nowadays kids learn to scroll an iPhone and navigate their way through video games before they take their first step – so it's refreshing to meet people and brands still concerned with letting kids be kids.

Decorating your home is no easy feat, even for the design-minded. When establishing mindfulness and minimalism as a pillar, you are more likely to succeed in your pursuit. In my personal opinion, peoples' homes should be a refuge, a tactile experience of sorts — not a place to store objects, but rather a place where we find rest, where we discover and we express who we are.

My entire life has been driven by an endless sense of expectation and intrigue. I believe most people are shaped like that. We're all dreamers and we all long to make something of ourselves beyond our wildest imaginations. Some of my personal experiences are scattered around this blog and penned down with the expectation of sharing something of value.

I have an aversion to experiencing travel with companies who drag you from one place to the other, gifting you with plastic memorabilia at every stop. Traveling should be a liberating experience. It should be less about visiting the busy touristy spots and more about uncovering treasures. That’s how I travel – light, practical and open-hearted.


Minimal designs have become increasingly popular because they convey focus, comfort and a sense of balance – each detail strategically and deliberately placed, without ever compromising core elements. The use of minimalistic principles in design yields more effective and lasting results. See for yourself.

Good food is the cornerstone of health... but I don’t believe that ‘we are what we eat’. Food should not be a topic of contention — it should fit your own lifestyle. Rather than being trend-centered it should be pleasurable and nourishing. There’s a time for everything in moderation and for me the the best moments of the day happen at the dinner table.

Mindfulness is not only a fortunate consequence of minimalism: Minimalism is mindfulness — it's the state of being conscious or aware of something which allows you to not only be present in your life but to also make the best of it with the tools you have at your disposal. Applying mindfulness to how we live guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind.

I believe minimalism opens up the paradoxical experience of having and doing less while gaining more. It's often negative reputation stems from people who are all too dismissive before trying it — because they live in a mindset in which minimalism equals rules, restraint or the lack of something they love. I'm here to prove how versatile minimalism actually is.

The world’s practice of mindfulness is luckily creating a new standard for the companies who make our products or offer services and for us as consumers. There are countless new shops pushing the envelope on what they make and how they make it. Here, I share a variety of conscious and lasting products crafted from a mindful, honest and minimalist perspective.

My approach to wellness comes from a very real and unbiased understanding that when it comes to caring for ourselves, it’s unproductive to take a one-size-fits-all approach. I’m curious when it comes to my own well-being and check on my body, spirit and mind constantly – so I don't just live my life on autopilot, but truly take my days for the miracle they are.

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